Choosing age-appropriate holiday accommodation

So, you’ve booked your flight and now have to sort through a multitude of websites and properties to try and work out which holiday accommodation is best for your family. It can be overwhelming. I am a bit obsessive when it comes to trying to find the right family friendly holiday accommodation. But I always start … Continue reading “Choosing age-appropriate holiday accommodation”

Great holiday family accommodation on special

When it comes to organising holidays with kids, trying to find a deal or specials on flights and accommodation is important. That’s because the less we spend on getting and staying there, means the more we can spend on nice meals and family friendly holiday activities. Family Friendly Accommodation does not have the most properties … Continue reading “Great holiday family accommodation on special”

Keep safe this summer

There are already indications this summer is going to be a long, hot one. And while most people living in fire (or severe weather) prone areas, have you thought about what you would do if you were to experience fire, flood or a cyclone while on your family holiday? I have previously collated important information … Continue reading “Keep safe this summer”

Leave your excess baby baggage at home and hire it on holiday

I am about to tell you a true story. Some of your might be able to relate to it. My husband is Tasmanian, which means we have done a fair bit of travelling across Bass Strait. One Christmas, to save money, hubby had gone across with our car on the ship & I was flying … Continue reading “Leave your excess baby baggage at home and hire it on holiday”

The key to finding the best accommodation at the best price

In trying to find holiday accommodation, are you sometimes confused by exactly what ‘family friendly’ features are on offer? I developed to try and remove some of that confusion. But I will not tell you to just rely on my website – you should use the wide range of tools that are available to help make an … Continue reading “The key to finding the best accommodation at the best price”