The people behind On the Beach Holiday Apartments

If you believe the marketing hype, booking holiday accommodation through Airbnb is the only way to experience true kindness and passion from wonderful hosts who want to share their local community with you. But this is just not true. Around Australia and beyond, you will find property owners, managers and employees who are part of … Continue reading “The people behind On the Beach Holiday Apartments”

Family holiday accommodation – winter specials and deals

You want a great deal on your family holiday accommodation? Read on to find some of the great deals, packages and rates offered by some of Australia’s best family holiday accommodation providers – not to mention some great properties in Thailand and Italy too. Want a resort in Queensland, spacious holiday apartments, a farm stay … Continue reading “Family holiday accommodation – winter specials and deals”

Choosing age-appropriate holiday accommodation

So, you’ve booked your flight and now have to sort through a multitude of websites and properties to try and work out which holiday accommodation is best for your family. It can be overwhelming. I am a bit obsessive when it comes to trying to find the right family friendly holiday accommodation. But I always start … Continue reading “Choosing age-appropriate holiday accommodation”

The time I slept in Joe Hockey’s house

It’s not every day a girl gets to say she’s slept in the Treasurer’s bed. But today I was reminded that’s exactly what I did a few years back. And I can report it was a pretty enjoyable experience. Yes friends, I kept that one quiet. But now I have got your attention, let me tell … Continue reading “The time I slept in Joe Hockey’s house”

Great holiday family accommodation on special

When it comes to organising holidays with kids, trying to find a deal or specials on flights and accommodation is important. That’s because the less we spend on getting and staying there, means the more we can spend on nice meals and family friendly holiday activities. Family Friendly Accommodation does not have the most properties … Continue reading “Great holiday family accommodation on special”