The key to finding the best accommodation at the best price

In trying to find holiday accommodation, are you sometimes confused by exactly what ‘family friendly’ features are on offer?
I developed to try and remove some of that confusion. But I will not tell you to just rely on my website – you should use the wide range of tools that are available to help make an informed decision.
Here are some tips to help you find the right accommodation and get the best deal:

  • Use as a starting point to research accommodation, as every property on the website offers something special for families – from extra space through to plastic crockery and play equipment.

  • Ring and speak directly to the property you are interested in for more information on what they have on offer. Sometimes booking websites will put a family in a more expensive 2-bedroom offer when a cheaper quad room might be available.
  • If you still can’t find what you are looking for and decide on a well-known hotel chain or resort, use a comparison website such as Hotels Combined or Trivago.
  • Read reviews to get an overall view of the property you are interested in. Remember to look for a general theme, rather than not stay somewhere based on one or two bad comments.
  • If you are looking for properties for larger families, privately owned holiday homes and apartments might be a better option. Sharing with a friend or extended family. can save costs and let you rent a nicer property that would be too costly for you afford on your own.
We used Owners Direct to book this beautiful Tuscan villa.
  • If you are using a travel agent, consider using one that caters exclusively for families, such as byokids.
  • If you are travelling in Australia, ring the local tourist information centre. They will be able to provide invaluable local information. Contact details can be found on state-based tourism websites.
  • If your holiday involves flying, shop around. Don’t forget airlines own websites, which may have special deals going. Another great website is, where registered flight experts compete to find you the cheapest flights.
In 2011, we saved more than $1000 on airfares by shopping around, flying Singapore Airlines to Europe & return.

Remember by putting in a bit of time and cross-referencing your choices, chances are you will save money and end up having a fantastic holiday.

Do you have tips you to share?

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