Our family cruise to Papua New Guinea

“The holiday is booked – we’re going to Papua New Guinea!” It didn’t engender the enthusiastic response you might expect when telling family and friends you’re off to an exotic Pacific location like Fiji or the Cook Islands. “But it’s not safe,” was the common response. I felt another question many left unsaid……. Why Papua … Continue reading “Our family cruise to Papua New Guinea”

Home and Away – best ways to visit Summer Bay

There’s a look you might get from family and friends when you say you are visiting Summer Bay. I suppose I can understand. I live less than half an hour from Neighbour’s Ramsay Street, but I’ve never been there. But our family watches Home and Away. Miss 11 is the biggest fan and she always … Continue reading “Home and Away – best ways to visit Summer Bay”

A September school holidays travel tale for AFL footy fans

Sorry NSW. I love you, but I’m not sure whether I can again stay with you in the September school holidays. “Why?” you ask. Yes, I agree your weather was warm and your beaches sublime, but your total lack of interest in AFL meant we missed out on being part of something special. See, we … Continue reading “A September school holidays travel tale for AFL footy fans”

Family Travel blogger – Hot Mama Travel

If you are planning an overseas holiday one of the best ways to research what to do with kids is to check out a local family travel blogger, like Amanda from Hot Mama Travel. This US-based family travel blog is packed with destination guides, money-saving tips and inspirational stories. Amanda writes about her travels with her … Continue reading “Family Travel blogger – Hot Mama Travel”

Prison cell holiday – do the time without the crime

If these walls could talk, would they ponder how life has changed so drastically that today people pay money for a prison cell holiday – to stay in a place they once would have given anything to leave? Recently plans were announced for one of Melbourne’s latest hotel developments on the site of Victoria’s Pentridge … Continue reading “Prison cell holiday – do the time without the crime”