Keep safe this summer

There are already indications this summer is going to be a long, hot one. And while most people living in fire (or severe weather) prone areas, have you thought about what you would do if you were to experience fire, flood or a cyclone while on your family holiday? I have previously collated important information … Continue reading “Keep safe this summer”

Travelling overseas – see your doctor before you go

One aspect of international travel that is often overlooked is a visit to the doctor before you travel. Looking after sick kids at home is difficult enough but looking after sick children while on holiday, or having to look after children while you yourself are unwell, is the pits. While illness abroad may not be … Continue reading “Travelling overseas – see your doctor before you go”

Fire, wind and rain – keeping safe these summer holidays

As I sit here, curtains drawn to keep the house cool as Melbourne heads for a hot top of 37 degrees, I thought it was time to update one of my first blogs about what to do if you are holidaying during severe weather conditions. With authorities in many Australian states warning of a pending … Continue reading “Fire, wind and rain – keeping safe these summer holidays”

Two night minimum – a variation on a theme

Back in April, I wrote about my frustration over two night minimums and how I believe they are detrimental to families. Although I still believe this, I have found a holiday park offering a variation on the theme that makes it much more palatable. Marysville Caravan & Holiday Park is located in the picturesque Victorian … Continue reading “Two night minimum – a variation on a theme”

Two night minimum detrimental to families?

I am currently trying to book accommodation for a weekend away with hubby to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. The kids are being looked after on Saturday night and we want to go to a popular Victorian bayside town, where we have booked into a local attraction. The problem is trying to find accommodation for … Continue reading “Two night minimum detrimental to families?”