Celebrating Aboriginal culture through tourism

This week is NAIDOC Week – a time to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements. And what better way to do it than through tourism? Unfortunately, while cultural visits are so often part of our holidays overseas, we can tend to overlook Aboriginal culture on our holidays within Australia. Who hasn’t … Continue reading “Celebrating Aboriginal culture through tourism”

Discovering Mission Beach on the Great Barrier Reef

Mission Beach delivered all we could have wanted – and much more – on our family holiday to this under-appreciated Great Barrier Reef destination.  I am torn between keeping the secret and encouraging more of you to visit. But this Queensland region has suffered the wrath of a two cyclones over 10 years and needs … Continue reading “Discovering Mission Beach on the Great Barrier Reef”

Experience the magic of Mary Poppins in Queensland

It was not until I was watching the movie, Saving Mr Banks (pictured above), that I learned the woman who created Mary Poppins was an Australian. How did I get to adulthood not knowing this? “Was Mary Poppins Australian mum?”my children asked. Well, not the magical original super nanny, but the woman who created her, … Continue reading “Experience the magic of Mary Poppins in Queensland”

The time I slept in Joe Hockey’s house

It’s not every day a girl gets to say she’s slept in the Treasurer’s bed. But today I was reminded that’s exactly what I did a few years back. And I can report it was a pretty enjoyable experience. Yes friends, I kept that one quiet. But now I have got your attention, let me tell … Continue reading “The time I slept in Joe Hockey’s house”

Great holiday family accommodation on special

When it comes to organising holidays with kids, trying to find a deal or specials on flights and accommodation is important. That’s because the less we spend on getting and staying there, means the more we can spend on nice meals and family friendly holiday activities. Family Friendly Accommodation does not have the most properties … Continue reading “Great holiday family accommodation on special”