Cheap and cheerful things to do in Melbourne

I must admit to being initially surprised when I read that Melbourne is the number one domestic tourist destination that Australian families want to visit over the next two years. As a born and bred Melbournian, I can get a bit blasé about my hometown. But then there are those times when you get out … Continue reading “Cheap and cheerful things to do in Melbourne”

The time I slept in Joe Hockey’s house

It’s not every day a girl gets to say she’s slept in the Treasurer’s bed. But today I was reminded that’s exactly what I did a few years back. And I can report it was a pretty enjoyable experience. Yes friends, I kept that one quiet. But now I have got your attention, let me tell … Continue reading “The time I slept in Joe Hockey’s house”

Limestone Coast – a perfect family holiday destination

Where can you climb an extinct volcano, go underground and see the bones of extinct animals, swim at beautiful beaches, visit the home of a saint, float in a salty lake and sit back and enjoy fine wine and food? The Limestone Coast of course. We discovered this area a few years ago and I … Continue reading “Limestone Coast – a perfect family holiday destination”

Keep safe this summer

There are already indications this summer is going to be a long, hot one. And while most people living in fire (or severe weather) prone areas, have you thought about what you would do if you were to experience fire, flood or a cyclone while on your family holiday? I have previously collated important information … Continue reading “Keep safe this summer”

Beyond Bali – an Australian family’s adventures in Java

I love travelling with my family, but I am not a highly adventurous traveller. Luckily for us, my mate, Michael Birt, is. Last year he took his family beyond Bali – in this special guest post he tells us all about it – There’s so much more to Indonesia than Bali, yet many Australians go … Continue reading “Beyond Bali – an Australian family’s adventures in Java”