Holidaying on a budget – yes, it is possible

There is so much focus on the state of our economy – bills are going up and many families are struggling. Can the average ‘Australian working family’ still afford a holiday? I know I am lucky. My husband has a job that pays the bills, which means my part-time wage can be spent on other … Continue reading “Holidaying on a budget – yes, it is possible”

Travelling like a snail – with your home on your back

When I was 11 years old, my parents took me on the holiday of a lifetime. It was holiday that has helped shaped me and my travel likes and dislikes.Don’t ask me how they did it, but they bundled up their four children (me being the oldest at 11, and the youngest aged just 5) … Continue reading “Travelling like a snail – with your home on your back”

Two night minimum – a variation on a theme

Back in April, I wrote about my frustration over two night minimums and how I believe they are detrimental to families. Although I still believe this, I have found a holiday park offering a variation on the theme that makes it much more palatable. Marysville Caravan & Holiday Park is located in the picturesque Victorian … Continue reading “Two night minimum – a variation on a theme”

The key to finding the best accommodation at the best price

In trying to find holiday accommodation, are you sometimes confused by exactly what ‘family friendly’ features are on offer? I developed to try and remove some of that confusion. But I will not tell you to just rely on my website – you should use the wide range of tools that are available to help make an … Continue reading “The key to finding the best accommodation at the best price”

How friendly are extended family holidays?

Relaxing over a glass of wine after dinner with friends, discussions turned to holidaying with extended family and groups of friends. And whether family holidays are family friendly? Let me preface this by saying that spending your holiday with extended family and close friends can be a wonderful experience. Your children have others to play with … Continue reading “How friendly are extended family holidays?”