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If you are planning an overseas holiday one of the best ways to research what to do with kids is to check out a local family travel blogger, like Amanda from Hot Mama Travel.

Amanda writes about her family holiday adventures at Hot Mama Travel.
Amanda writes about her family holiday adventures at Hot Mama Travel.

This US-based family travel blog is packed with destination guides, money-saving tips and inspirational stories.

Amanda writes about her travels with her husband and two children, aged six and four. Here we have a chat about some of her favourite holidays – and tips for taking the stress out of travelling with young children.

What has been your most successful blog post and what was it about?  My destination guide on St. Pete Beach with Kids (Florida) is my most popular post. In the post I give tips on where to stay, where to eat, where to drink and where to play.

Where is your…

  • favourite holiday destination and why? This is a hard one, because we love so many places. However, Las Vegas has been a traditional vacation destination since I was a kid. We never miss a year without visiting Las Vegas at least once.
  • City in the USA and why? Besides Las Vegas, I love San Diego. It is has everything, a bustling downtown, beautiful beaches, and historical sites.
  • Country town/area in USA and why? We love Tombstone, Arizona. So much history preserved there. I loved the saloons and my kids loved the cowboys.
  • International destination and why? We really love Scotland. The people are so friendly, the landscapes are breathtaking, the history is fascinating, and the pubs are awesome!

What’s the best thing about travelling with kids? Seeing the world through their eyes it the best part. It makes travel exciting to see them eat new foods, make new friends and learn about the world.

What’s the most challenging aspect of travelling with kids? Catering to their needs can be rough. It seems like they always have to go the bathroom right when my beer arrives at the table! Kids need a lot of stuff, snacks, entertainment and comfort before mom and dad can relax.

What is your best tip for Australian families planning a holiday to the USA? Don’t get sucked into all the amusement parks. The US is huge and has so much to see and do. Plan on doing regional road trips to see more places for your money.

What is a must-try American food while holidaying in the USA? Every city has their own style of Hot Dog, but if you are in California, go for the street tacos! Best tacos outside of Mexico.

Do you have any special holiday tips that help you save time/energy/sanity on your family holiday? Avoid stress and meltdowns by doing tons of research and planning ahead of time as much as possible when travelling with kids. Buy tickets for events, attractions and transportation online, so you don’t have to wait in queues with kids. Schedule relaxing days to allow everyone to regroup and don’t avoid the pubs. Parents need to have fun too.

What sorts of features do you look for in a property when choosing accommodation for you and your family? Location is the first priority. The less hauling around of children I have to do the better. If we can walk to areas of interest, it is even better.

What has been your favourite family holiday experience and why? So far, Scotland was the best, because it was such a significant trip. It was my kids’ and parents’ first time to Europe, it was the long plane trip, and it was the most historical trip we’ve done.

What destination is on your family travel bucket list? Italy is the next on our bucket list. My dad is 83 and he has always wanted to see the roman ruins. I want to make that happen for him.

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