Thunderegg fossicking – unearth a mystery

What little boy does not dream of exploring and discovering treasure? And what little girl will not be transfixed by colourful gems? If you are travelling to the Gold Coast, let your inner Indiana Jones shine through at Thunderbird Park. With so much to do, you should also consider staying a night or two at … Continue reading “Thunderegg fossicking – unearth a mystery”

Horror holiday accommodation – when it goes wrong

I was listening to the radio recently and the talkback topic was ‘horror holidays.’ Luckily, I love researching my holiday accommodation to the enth degree, so most times the places we stay are wonderful. But occasionally it can all go pear shape. When it comes to horror holiday accommodation, Venice 2011 is at the top of … Continue reading “Horror holiday accommodation – when it goes wrong”

Fire, wind and rain – keeping safe these summer holidays

As I sit here, curtains drawn to keep the house cool as Melbourne heads for a hot top of 37 degrees, I thought it was time to update one of my first blogs about what to do if you are holidaying during severe weather conditions. With authorities in many Australian states warning of a pending … Continue reading “Fire, wind and rain – keeping safe these summer holidays”

Holidaying on a budget – yes, it is possible

There is so much focus on the state of our economy – bills are going up and many families are struggling. Can the average ‘Australian working family’ still afford a holiday? I know I am lucky. My husband has a job that pays the bills, which means my part-time wage can be spent on other … Continue reading “Holidaying on a budget – yes, it is possible”

The key to finding the best accommodation at the best price

In trying to find holiday accommodation, are you sometimes confused by exactly what ‘family friendly’ features are on offer? I developed to try and remove some of that confusion. But I will not tell you to just rely on my website – you should use the wide range of tools that are available to help make an … Continue reading “The key to finding the best accommodation at the best price”