Hobbiton – a touch of Hollywood in rural New Zealand.

In the scheme of our family holiday to New Zealand, I was a bit ‘ho-hum’ about our planned to visit to the Hobbiton movie set. I was given a book of The Hobbit by a dear friend many years ago, but try as I might, I never finished it. I did not go with my family … Continue reading “Hobbiton – a touch of Hollywood in rural New Zealand.”

Travelling overseas – see your doctor before you go

One aspect of international travel that is often overlooked is a visit to the doctor before you travel. Looking after sick kids at home is difficult enough but looking after sick children while on holiday, or having to look after children while you yourself are unwell, is the pits. While illness abroad may not be … Continue reading “Travelling overseas – see your doctor before you go”

Horror holiday accommodation – when it goes wrong

I was listening to the radio recently and the talkback topic was ‘horror holidays.’ Luckily, I love researching my holiday accommodation to the enth degree, so most times the places we stay are wonderful. But occasionally it can all go pear shape. When it comes to horror holiday accommodation, Venice 2011 is at the top of … Continue reading “Horror holiday accommodation – when it goes wrong”

Holidaying on a budget – yes, it is possible

There is so much focus on the state of our economy – bills are going up and many families are struggling. Can the average ‘Australian working family’ still afford a holiday? I know I am lucky. My husband has a job that pays the bills, which means my part-time wage can be spent on other … Continue reading “Holidaying on a budget – yes, it is possible”

Small gifts make a huge difference

As focussed as I am on finding perfect accommodation for a family holiday, I am equally passionate about what I want to do while away. I believe a holiday should be an educational experience – especially for my children. On our recent holiday to Fiji, visiting a local school was on my bucket list. I wanted … Continue reading “Small gifts make a huge difference”